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FCF visiting the US!

Keith Roberts, the Manager of the FCF office in Arusha, Tanzania, will
be at the SCI Convention in Reno, NV from January 26-29.  He will be
giving two presentations on anti-poaching efforts in Tanzania.  The time
and location of each presentation is listed below. Please feel free to
sit in on the meetings or visit us at the FCF booth (#215).  (The FCF
booth is shared with Tanzania Game Tracker Safaris Limited).

Record Book Committee Meeting
Room A5
8:00am – January 26th, Wednesday

Conservation Committee Meeting
Room A5
4:00pm – January 28th, Friday

We welcome the opportunity to talk with you and tell you more about the
work FCF is doing in Tanzania!

Uvinza Medical Clinic

The objective of the Safari Club International Foundation (SCIF) clinics project was to improve the care and treatment for patients at Uvinza Clinic by providing a solar power system and other important medical technologies. The clinic has significantly improved its services as a result of the project.

Nurse Hamisa Kambi

According to Hamisa Kambi the head nurse, the most important improvement has been lighting and patient beds which has allowed for 24 hour health care.

Unfortunately, the solar system has had some problems which require fairly expensive maintenance and replacement of components. We are currently looking into having a good solar technician assess the needs of the system before we look for ways to restore the system to full capacity.

We need your help to fund the repairs on the solar panels.  Please Britt Hosmer e-mail for more information.  Visit us at

Medical Clinics

In partnership with Safari Club International Foundation (SCIF) , FCF is involved in a project to equip two micro dispensaries with solar power for lighting and to power important technologies to offer testing and more effective treatment.

Installing solar panel, Uvinza village

With the financial support of the SCI Foundation and logistical support from FCF the micro dispensaries in Uvinza and Mfereji are now equipped with solar systems to power lighting and a range of new equipment (including fridges for medication, binocular microscopes and more).

In addition, beds and mattresses provided to the dispensary will allow 24hr medical care to patients, new born babies and to those who have travelled from far away the opportunity of receiving treatment.

Such support provides basic healthcare to areas that were previously void of facilities.  Many Tanzanians from neighboouring areas will now also have shorter distances to travel to receive basic medical treatment.

FCF Videos on YouTube

Partnership between Safari Club International Foundation (SCIF) and the Friedkin Conservation Fund (FCF).  These videos where on a continuous loop at the 2008 CITES meeting.

SCIF & FCF – Tanzania Segment 1 of 3
SCIF & FCF – Tanzania Segment 2 of 3
SCIF & FCF – Tanzania Segment 3 of 3