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Uvinza Team Update

The Uvinza team, led by the confident patrol commander Joseph Kimaro, has continued to have a major impact in the Uvinza Open Area.

A black powder muzzleloader used in a poaching incident that was confiscated by the Uvinza team. The bicycles in the background were used by the poachers to travel the long distance into the game reserve.

Some of the highlights from their progress to-date this year:

  • Through good intelligence, the Uvinza team located a notorious muzzle loader production factory in Asante Nyerere village. This resulted in two highly successful arrests, the confiscation of six muzzle loaders and all the tools of the trade, as well as the closure of the factory.
  • In a combined operation with the police in Tanzania, the Uvinza team confiscated 21.5 kg of ivory on-route to the Burundian border by acting on intelligence they personally gathered. A notorious ivory dealer was arrested in the process.
  • Operations have resulted in a total of nine firearms being confiscated, including automatic weapons.  In addition, a total of 412 arrests have been made, including meat/ivory poachers.

Bush meat confiscated during an arrest. The meat is smoked on racks suspended over a fire to preserve the meat prior to being transported out and sold in the markets.

As it is always our policy to protect and develop the FCF rangers, FCF recently implemented an internal rotation program that enables the rangers to rotate through all the FCF teams in order to strengthen their performance across operational areas. This has resulted in Willbroad Sikay and Kirabasta Gidafrey joining the Uvinza team and replacing the very capable Baraka Gunje and Juma Shabani who have taken their knowledge and strengths to other FCF operational areas.

Hardwood timber destined for India or China that was confiscated by the Uvinza team. This illegal activity is having a serious impact on the loss of biodiversity in the area.

Confiscated hardwood timber that has been piled and then burned to prevent it from being sold back into the system.

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