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Olosiva Primary School Update

Many wonderful things have been happening at the Olosiva Primary School! FCF continues to enjoy a great partnership with this school outside of Arusha and promises to continue various projects aimed at enhancing the school infrastructure, programs, student life and surrounding community in the future.  The Olosiva children, community and FCF are excited to share some recent progress on a few of our largest endeavors…

As you will see, we have made progress towards leveling the athletic playing field, and organized soccer practice and competitions for the students. The Mzuri Wildlife Foundation assisted in making this happen. Amrin Remtulla, one of the high school students from the International School in Arusha, decided to get involved in strengthening the sports program at the Olosiva Primary School as part of her student project. She designed lesson plans and assisted the sports teacher in incorporating those plans into the Olosiva curriculum. This effort culminated in a soccer competition for the students at the Friedkin Recreation Centre in Arusha. The school and students were thrilled to participate in this first-ever tournament and, given the level of enthusiasm for the event and success of the student-led effort, we hope to make it an annual tradition for the students, teachers and community to enjoy!

The Mzuri Wildlife Foundation continues to sponsor the school lunch program, which offers each student a hot meal in the middle of the school day. To date, this program has had a tremendous impact on student attendance, academic performance and overall health. These nutritious meals are paying off in so many ways, including smiles!

FCF also just successfully completed the drilling of a borehole on the Olosiva campus, which will provide the Olosiva community, children and teachers with sustainable access to clean water.

Two generous families provided 500 book sacks for the students. The children are so grateful for this gift! Checkout Elliot’s delivery to the school, filled with lots of excitement:

In June 2011, we received a request from the school board to assist in the completion of the preschool. The kindergarten class could not accommodate the students enrolled, and the school was expanding their facilities to include a preschool classroom. The parents raised $5,612 but needed an additional $5,500 to complete the building. FCF provided a special donation of $3,000 and successfully secured the remaining balance of $2,500 from a generous donation by two families who visited the school. The Preschool at Olosiva was finally completed this week and plans to start using this facility are in the works!

In addition, FCF also secured funds for the construction of a small playground with a swing set, see-saw, slide and jungle gym (like the ones in the picture below) for the younger children and we plan to have this equipment installed very soon.

One of the challenges in the Olosivia school community is the lack of student text books and reference books. We were able to raise $1,500 to purchase books and teaching materials for the students and we plan to deliver these important tools to the school next week.

The improvements in the lives of the Olosiva Primary School students and surrounding community are encouraging. With your support, we are having a lasting impact in the Olosiva community. You can continue to follow our work with the Olosiva Primary School here. We look forward to sharing more updates and milestones in our efforts very soon. The students wish to thank the community of supporters, donors and enthusiasts who have made these enhancements to the Olosiva Primary School possible.

Asante Sana!

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