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Anti-poaching Update

Changes and improvements planned for 2011

FCF is proud to report that our anti-poaching presence has significantly increased in several areas of our operations. We will now have 20 full time rangers based in Maswa (as opposed to between 5 and 10 in previous years). The Ugalla, Natron and Moyowosi South teams have also received an additional 5 rangers and one vehicle each, doubling FCF’s resources in each of these areas. The microlight program has been assigned 5 rangers and a vehicle in an effort to further increase the efficacy of our aerial patrols. We are confident that these changes will significantly improve FCF’s coverage on the ground and are hopeful that this will be reflected by a decrease in serious poaching incidents in 2011.

Anti-poaching ranger training in 2011

FCF has several training interventions planned for the first half of 2011. In early May, the African Field Ranger Training Services (AFRTS – will visit us once again to provide our patrol commanders with an intensive two week patrol leader course. Immediately after the conclusion of the AFRTS course, the patrol commanders will receive a refresher first aid course. At the end of May and into June, FCF will host Ken Oesterreich from Strategic Articulation Management (SAMTACS –  Ken last visited FCF in 2009 to provide our rangers with training in close quarter combat, minimum force arrest procedures for individuals/teams, and unarmed self defense focusing on edged weapon disarming and management. This will be an interesting and informative six week period for our program.


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