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Wildlife Division Game Scout Mtambo was shot

Mircolight flying over Moyowosi. Please note, mircolight was not shot at during this incident.

On 11 September 2010, the Friedkin Conservation Fund (“FCF”) Mobile Team,while working with Tanzania Wildlife Division (“Wildlife Division”),  personnel encountered armed poachers in the Moyowosi Game Reserve. After an exchange of fire initiated by two suspects, FCF Ranger Mbayani Mollel and Wildlife Division Game Scout Kassam Mtambo were found to be injured. FCF Ranger Mollel was shot in the forearm and is expected to make a complete recovery. Wildlife Division Game Scout Mtambo was shot in the abdomen and sadly succumbed to his wounds on the afternoon of 12 September 2010. Both men received top-quality first aid attention and were evacuated to the Regional Hospital in Tabora by the Wildlife Division’s 206, where they were provided with emergency treatment.

The remainder of the team on the ground arrested one suspect and confiscated an AK-47. Acting on information, the FCF Mobile Team, Wildlife Division personnel and police units from the region have arrested an additional 4 suspects and have confiscated one additional firearm (also an AK-47) from nearby villages. The operation will continue for several more days.

We at FCF would like to extend our most sincere condolences to the family of Wildlife Division Game Scout Kassam Mtambo for their loss. Both the conservation and law enforcement communities will mourn his passing as he gave the ultimate sacrifice in the performance of his duties. May he rest in peace.

Moyowosi is located in the northwest part of the country, close to the border with Burundi. The habitat of these reserves varies from huge swamps to open flood plains, which adjoin large areas of Miombo forest. Game density in the Moyowosi is relatively high, with good populations of lion, leopard, buffalo, crocodile, topi and Lichtenstein hartebeest. Sitatunga are present in the Moyowosi Swamp, which is characterized by tall palm trees and islands formed by termite mounds. The swamp is an important wetland habitat for rare water birds including the wattled crane and the shoebill stork.

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