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Anti-poaching Summary: January – July 2010

Evaluation and Training with the African Field Ranger Training Services (AFRTS)

In February, FCF anti-poaching personnel underwent a vigorous selection and evaluation course administered by the AFRTS, Africa’s leader in field ranger development. Following the week-long evaluation the rangers spent an additional week covering aspects of anti-poaching skills, such as patrol formation, ambush preparation, observation points and tracking. The end result has provided FCF with a better trained, motivated and professional ranger corps.

In July, the AFRTS was invited back to evaluate and select additional rangers for FCF. The selection and training process was done in conjunction with the Mwiba Game Ranch.  FCF is proud to welcome 20 new rangers to our ranks, all of whom will be deployed to our various concessions of operation in the near future.

First Aid Training

In addition to the basic ranger courses, FCF patrol commanders attended a 14-hour first aid course. Topics focused on include artificial respiration, cardiac resuscitation, shock recognition and management, wound management, bandaging, splinting and immobilization techniques, snake bite management and heat-related illnesses.

Arrests and Confiscations Summary

To date in 2010, FCF anti-poaching personnel have arrested over 600 suspected poachers. Seven automatic rifles have been confiscated as well as 25 muzzle loaders. Over 12,000 head of livestock have been removed from protected area boundaries and an influx of timber poaching has resulted in the confiscation of 800+ hardwood sleepers in the Ugalla Game Reserve. The microlight in Maswa has recently uncovered a serious spate of elephant poaching; in July, 37 carcasses were identified from the air. Ground teams confirmed that all of the elephants were killed by automatic firearms. An arrest in May has been linked to at least some of the shootings but the investigation is ongoing as some of the carcasses are dated all the way back to roughly December 2009, February, May and June 2010.

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