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Village Community Bank (VICOBA)- SUCCESS!

It was a great to have the opportunity to visit the Village Community Bank (VICOBA) groups. In Moyowosi Area we currently have 12 groups near to the Moyowosi Game Reserves who are proceeding well. After the initial 16 weeks of training the VICOBAs have started to disburse micro loans to their members for a variety of income generating activities including small kiosks selling household groceries and goods, buying and selling cash and food crops including honey, corn, beans, cassava, salt, sale of goats, poultry and vegetable projects and group tree nursery projects.

The groups of 20-40 members have already grown impressively in the first few months and some have over $4,000 in circulation all from their own initiative since September 2009. The groups continue to request further support from FCF and we are continuing to provide technical guidance and training as we look for ways to build capacity and encourage further growth.

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