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Water to those in need

Conservation Fund brings water to those in need

By a correspondent of Arusha Times

The Arusha-based Friedkin Conservation Fund (FCF) is once again channelling much needed community development funding into priority areas in Tanzania – this time by way of a long term borehole drilling initiative throughout the country.

Working in close association with Maji-Tech Engineering Ltd, FCF decided that Longido Secondary School should be the first recipient of a borehole as part of this plan.

FCF has a close association with the school since the mid-nineties and as with many towns throughout Tanzania; Longido has been suffering from a severe water shortage over the last few years.

The school was in dire straights prior to the arrival of the long rains at the beginning of this year and was relying on weekly deliveries of water by FCF from Arusha by way of a bowser.

FCF immediately set about contacting prospective donors and in no time had collected sufficient funds for this vitally important project to go ahead.

The generous list of donors was comprised of a number of families including the Sackman’s, Bowman’s and Holland’s from the United States and the Lemman’s from Brazil/Switzerland, in addition to organisations such as the New York/Tri-State chapter of the Safari Club Sables and a consortium of dealers from the Gulf States Toyota in the United States.

After the successful completion of the borehole at Longido Secondary School, FCF shifted its attention to Kigoma District in the south-western corner of Tanzania and to Mpeta Village.

A client of Tanzania Game Tracker Safaris (TGTS), whom FCF represents along with Wengert Windrose Safaris (WWS) in all areas of community conservation and anti-poaching, signalled his attentions to fund the drilling of a borehole close to the TGTS hunting block of Uvinza Open Area.

This time, FCF employed the services of the Tanganyika Christian Refugee Services, Water Development Unit (WDU), based out of Kikondo town.

FCF and WDU were able to plan and implement the project over a matter of weeks in time to coincide with the arrival of the donors from the United States, Paul Hobby and his family.

The Hobby’s were able to witness the latter stages of the drilling of another successful borehole by FCF.

With the recent acquisition of a fully equipped borehole drilling rig from India by TGTS, FCF is in a strong position to continue to provide boreholes to areas in need through generous contributions of clients and associates of TGTS and WWS.

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