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A special thank you to the Mzuri Wildlife Foundation Grants for your continued support of FCF programs!

MWF: Mzuri Wildlife Foundation

Illegal logging and poaching of trees has resulted in wholesale devastation of the environment in the Moyowasi region of Tanzania. Partnering with thirty Tanzanian middle and secondary schools, each of whom will receive a greenhouse and materials necessary for this project, the MWF goal is for each school to grow and plant one thousand trees in their immediate area in the next three years. Coupled with the Friedkin Conservation Fund conservation education program that will reach each of the schools, the MWF is certain that in addition to the physical rehabilitation of their environment Tanzanian students will learn the importance of being good stewards of their land.

In Kangeme Village, villagers who formerly engaged in poaching were trained to become beekeepers. 500 beehives have been constructed, with each one producing approximately 40 liters of honey. The MWF funded Bee Keeping Project has made it possible for Kangeme Village to become economically self sustaining.

In the African bush, many people rely only on contaminated wells or seasonal streams for their water, when they dry up they must walk long distances to fetch water. According to the World Health Organization, eighty percent of all illness in Africa is waterborne and results from the lack of clean, fresh water. MWF funded well drilling in two villages to provide a source of clean water.

MWF supports two schools in the Arusha, Tanzania area. At Olosiva/Burka Primary School, MWF has made significant infrastructure improvements including building teacher’s housing. Since 2007 MWF has funded a daily lunch program for the 800 students of the school, and subsequently funded the purchase of three fuel efficient stoves which are used daily to prepare hot lunches for the students, faculty and staff. The lunch program has provided incentive for children to stay in school. Enrollment has increased by one hundred students since the inception of the program.

In 2008 MWF supporters Jim and Arlene Sullivan of San Francisco funded the grading and the installation of a sports field for use by the students at Olosiva School.The sports field is already in operation and is being enjoyed by the students daily.  In 2009 the Sullivans donated additional funds for a new front gate and wall.


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