Anti-poaching, Community Development, Research & GIS Mapping – Tanzania


FCF proactively assists the Tanzanian Wildlife Division by providing highly motivated, well trained anti-poaching teams to help combat activities such as commercial ivory and bush meat poaching, illegal logging and charcoal burning.

Using the Maule on patrol

Training and Personnel

We have trained, equipped and deployed 85 full-time field rangers who work under the guidance of 5 concession managers and 2 mobile anti-poaching coordinators in the field who report back to our office in Arusha. These field staff and managers are configured into 12 Rapid Action Teams, 1 Village Game Scout Team and 2 Specialist Mobile Anti-Poaching Units.


Each of our anti-poaching teams uses a fully-equipped Land Cruiser, and operates with camping gear, all-weather uniforms, GPS and radio support.

En route to an operation

FCF has been fortunate with equipment sponsorship and funding from generous parties, and continues to appreciate assistance to maintain this costly operation. For areas where poaching on water is prevalent we use canoes and motorized boats. Our microlight program was launched in 2006, and has been incredibly productive in identifying high-impact areas that are then patrolled by the teams on the ground. Also at our disposal is the Maule, our small yellow airplane that is used primarily for reconnaissance work.

Results and Recognition

During 2005 and 2006 our teams were responsible for the arrests of some 3,884 poachers. Their seizures included 209 illegal firearms, 15 elephant tusks and nearly 16,000 planks of illegally logged hardwood.  2007 ended on a very high note. The anti-poaching teams finished the year with a total of 2,131 arrests and 91 confiscated firearms.

FCF was recognized as the APHA’s ‘Ox of the Okavango’ for 2007 – an award presented to the conservation organization of the year as decided upon by the members and board of the APHA.

Our training and our work in the field has been filmed and broadcast by ESPN and the Animal Planet Channel.


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