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Thank you for your continued support of educating students in rural Tanzania.

The Friedkin Conservation Fund (FCF) and Wildlife Management student, Clarence J. Msafiri would like to personally thank Dallas Safari Club (DSC) and its membership body!  Through the ongoing relationship between organizations, Clarence has been sponsored by DSC since 2007.  He is currently in his third and final year of a Bachelor of Science degree at the Sokone University of Agriculture, Faculty of Forestry and Nature Conservation in Tanzania.

The following is a list of courses Clarence has completed.

  • Principles and techniques of Wildlife Management
  • Wildlife Legislation and Law enforcement
  • Tourism Management
  • Ornithology, Mammology, Herpetology, and archeology
  • Animal Physiology and cooperative vertebrate anatomy
  • Wildlife policies and strategies
  • Principle of GIS and remote sensing in natural resource management
  • Community conservation of wildlife
  • Wildlife resource economics
  • Wildlife population ecology
  • Wildlife nutrition

Note from Clarence:

“I have so far dedicated 8 years of my working experience in wildlife conservation and related field particularly law enforcement.  I have planned to dedicate much of my working life to wildlife conservation.   …This knowledge I receive is not only important to me but also to my family, country and the conservation society as a whole.

Therefore it is also my priority to go for further learning if given a chance to attend a Masters degree in any field related to wildlife management, including protected area planning, legislation and law enforcement, community conservation, bush meat crisis, preventive medicine in wildlife management, management of tourist hunting.

The funds I receive from DSC’s scholarship are essential to achieve my education and future career goals in the wildlife industry.  The college costs are very high particularly in BSc. programs. The cost of fees, books, materials, accommodation, transportation, field practical, special project costs and living expenses are at times overwhelming.  If it were not for the generosity of DSC I would not afford this immense opportunity.

FCF has made it possible for me to receive this precious award DSC.  FCF and DSC have made my dream come true.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

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